Paulownia 2016

The reference to the most preferred asset class among the largest international financial institutions. Eco-friendly Paulownia tree plantation benefits from duality profit based not only on the increase of the value of raw materials such as wood and biological growth of trees. FSR not only performs plantations, but also has full vertical integration in its [...]

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Solina Apartments

The project assumes investments implementations of property development and hotel commonly called a condo hotel. It will be a premium type of holiday resort. What will differ it from the typical hotel will be the form of use of apartments which allows not only to stay in a luxury hotel, but also reap significant financial [...]

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Squadron 303

As a strategic partner responsible for financing movie production Squadron 303 we prepare a unique investment as a way to raise the necessary funds to make a movie about Polish heroes of World War II. This provides mutual benefits for both the movie producer, who clearly defines the amount of money and time for which [...]

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Euro City Profit

It is an innovative project of activation the partnership cities that allows creating an international trading platform, in which participation will be allowed to reap the financial benefits not only to companies providing their products, but also cities participating.

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